Porpoise and calf in Essex

Harbour porpoise mother and calf in Essex

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The first harbour porpoise mother and calf of 2017 in Essex have been seen off Brightlingsea.

Colm O’Laoi, Kent and Essex Fisheries officer, photographed the duo (above) this morning while patrolling inside the Colne bar, near his home town. Harbour porpoises bring young into Essex waters in late summer, so the sighting is a little earlier than expected.

Colm told Wild Essex: “I’ve never seen a mother and calf before and I was surprised to see them inside the Colne bar.”

Colm has patrolled the Essex coastline for six years since taking up the role. He estimates he sees around eight to ten porpoises each year. He added: “I think they’re out there more than we know because the water isn’t always calm. We see them a little more south of the Thames, around Ramsgate and Dover.”

Last month, husband and wife sailing duo Dan and Julia Allen reported seeing their first porpoises in 40 years.