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WALKING DAYS OUT IN ESSEX: Colchester & Rowhedge

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If you want to go out walking in Essex for several days, rather than a quick stroll with the dog or kids, send me your postcode. I’ll outline a circular walk on a digital OS map. You can easily print out, download to your phone or desktop, or use it together with your own OS maps. OK, it’s not a sat nav… and it’s a bit basic. But it’s all I ever use. Hard copy OS map in the bag; digital version, just like the one below, on my phone.

This one map alone won’t keep you going for days. It’s probably about 15 miles. Not too hilly. You’ll climb maybe 800ft in total; and a maximum of 147ft. For me, 15 miles is a long day because I’m a slow walker. But the postcodes other people send me will create days’ worth of maps for days out walking in Essex. I plan to publicly post many more in over the next year.

The three-church walk below was created for Keith, from Colchester (thanks Keith). I’ve not walked all of it yet. But I will. If you come across any obstructions or problems, just let me know and I’ll report to the highways agency. Please email me a photo, because that gets things done a lot quicker. If you want to email photos of the walk, I’ll post them on this page.

Some of these footpaths pass over, or very close to, live firing range danger areas. Check with the MOD commandant on 01206 736149 to see if it’s safe to walk on any given day.

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