Brentwood is the place in south Essex to photograph deer

Wild things to do in Brentwood. Swim the River Wid, forage for blackcurrants, cycle the bridleways around Thorndon Park or visit a unique graveyard museum.

Wild river swims – Brentwood

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Wild swim at Brentwood in pools and fords along the River Wid.

Shoulder Hall Ford

A swim hole and ford over the River Wid.

Park at Ingatestone close to the church (51.670918, 0.38649559) and follow the footpaths south east down towards the river for 45 minutes.
51.653725, 0.39682746

Rock Wood

Two fords that once serviced an ancient settlement at Margeretting. Cool plunge in summer.

Walk 25 minutes south east along the straight footpath from St Margaret’s Church (51.678204, 0.40664434) past the reservoir.
51.670097, 0.41134894

swallow cross

A two kilometre walk and paddle on the River Wid, out of Doddinghurst.

Park at Spring Pond Meadow (51.675709, 0.30467212) for a 10 minute walk stroll to the river.
51.662554, 0.32003045

Wildest wood walks – Brentwood

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Brentwood’s woodland is one of the best places to photograph roe and fallow deer.

The Coppice

An alder, oak and hornbeam wood in a small river valley off the River Roding. Forage blackcurrants in July around the wettest parts. Enjoy a packed lunch at the stream through the centre of the valley.

Thorndon Park

Almost 400 acres of giant hornbeam and oak surrounded by ponds. Streams and submerged springs burst through the leafy peat after rain.

Weald Park

The best places in south Essex to photograph fallow deer. Fawns are born in June. Roe deer rut during July and August.

Ancient and sacred – Brentwood

Brentwood’s pre-Roman, Druid history is linked to a unique series of hamlets called the Rodings.

The Rodings

A collective of hamlets – legacy of the geometric, and astronomical, ‘rod’ knowledge that druid and pre-druid cultures practiced here.
The B184 is a former holy track of the ancients that the Romans occupied, adopted and upgraded into a military road.

The Priory

The Church of St Laurence has a tower made of timbers dating back to 1400.

Brentwood Museum

The only museum in England found inside a graveyard.

Local food, tramping and sleep

Brentwood’s finest food.

The Olde Dog Inn

Billericay Road, Brentwood, Essex.

Prince of Wales

199 Roman Road, Brentwood, Essex.

Spread Eagle

88 Queens Road, Brentwood, Essex.


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